So, a lot has happened in the last week.

The biggest thing being that Husband is sick. Very sick. It started last Monday with what we think was a simple upper respiratory infection. He took a few days off work to get better and went to work for ONE NIGHT and wouldn’t you know it, he came home and apparently had come down with something else! The morning he got home from work (he works overnight) he was fine and a few hours later had taken a drastic turn for the worse. I took his temp – 102. So I vetoed his decision making abilities and called his mom to come take him to the urgent care.

After about two hours of me pacing around the house, worrying that he has pneumonia, I found out that it’s NOT pneumonia, but the Flu. The flu, an ear infection, AND a sinus infection. Great.

Now, in this house we don’t believe in the flu shot. So, least to say, none of us have gotten it. (not that it would matter anyway – from what I hear the shot has been fairly ineffective this year)

So far, Daughter and I have managed to avoid catching it from him. I’ve been giving Daughter an immune supplement with her morning bottle and I’ve just been extra careful and diligent about keeping everyone’s hands clean. Not to mention every surface in the house!

The last few days have really tested me. Which, I find slightly ironic seeing how lately I’ve seriously been questioning how good at I am at the whole mom/wife thing. And other than seriously over-doing it yesterday (way too much lifting for my 6.5 months pregnant self), I think I’ve handled everything quite well. Oh, and did I mention that Daughter doesn’t just have one molar coming in, but THREE? An overachiever already.

After a few days of medication, Husband is doing better. He’s not completely out of the woods yet, but I have hope for him.

* * *

I realized after publishing my first post that I never mentioned what exactly I will be using this blog for.

Foremost, I will be writing about personal stuff and my family. After that, any topic is really up for discussion. Generally I feel as though I will be writing a lot about motherhood/pregnancy/child birth and everything in between.

Well, it happens to now be my bedtime…so, goodnight all!


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