Christmas and The Year’s End

Anyone who knows me knows how excited I was for the holidays this year. And I must say…all of my hard work really did pay off! We had an absolutely beautiful and stress-free Christmas. Watching the kids open their presents is one of those things that I will never forget.


I told my husband the other day that I hate the south. Really, I don’t, I was just feeling a little bitter about it being 80 degrees on Christmas Day. On Friday our A/C unit was making a strange noise so I called our maintenance person over to take a look at it. Of course, both times I called him over here the dang thing stopped making any noise. He looked our unit over and told us that he didn’t think there was anything seriously wrong with it and that he would be back on Monday to check on it again. Well, on Christmas Day it just quit working all together. My husband ( who has a basic working knowledge of all things manly and electrical) thinks it’s the compressor. It’s Sunday now and I’m waiting for the emergency repair guy to come fix it.

Anyway! Christmas really was awesome. I cleaned out the girls’ toy box on Christmas Eve and it’s a dang good thing that I did! It’s full again now! Sarah and Lily are really enjoying all of their new stuff. I love watching them play together and explore. I got a few new things, myself that I’m quite excited about. My husband got me some books I’ve really been wanting to read and a beautiful cotton robe that I’ll be able to wear around the house if it ever gets cold again. My mother-in-law got us one of those Veggetti vegetable slicers and got me…a new HP all-in-one printer. This thing is awesome! I set it up last night and got to tinker with it a little bit. It has wireless capabilities, so I don’t even need to connect it to my computer to print stuff! It also scans and copies. I’m in love. My husband got a new beard trimmer and some beard oil (which he desperately needs…love you Buns!), a long sleeve flannel shirt, and a couple travel books he’s been after. OH! My husband also got me some wet skin moisturizer, and let me just say…my skin has never been so soft!


So, in just a few days 2015 will be over. The other day, while doing dishes, I called my husband into the kitchen to ask him a very important question.

Me: “Do people actually do the whole New Years’ Resolution thing anymore?”

Him: “Of course they do. I don’t stock treadmills at work in the beginning of January for nothing!”

Let me explain what I was thinking here. Over the last year I’ve seen a lot of people encouraging others to be proactive and make changes in their lives throughout the year, as they see fit. So, basically, stop waiting for a new year to try to fix everything that’s wrong. I totally get it – quit being a procrastinator and just do it! But what’s wrong with a little tradition and making goals for the new year? Nothing, I say!

I actually have quite a few goals for this new year. Here are a few of them so y’all can help keep me accountable! 😉

  1. Be a better wife and mama. (I know, I know. I’m not aiming for perfection here, but I DO think that my kids and Hubby deserve the best from me. And I’ll be damned if I don’t try my hardest to give it to them!)
  2. Find a good family doctor and get a physical. (I haven’t had this done in YEARS…aside from the typical stuff they monitor when you’re pregnant)
  3. Eat healthier and (maybe) start doing some yoga. (this one actually has multiple purposes. Obviously, to be healthier, and then to save some money.)
  4. Be more active on my blog and start using it the way I intended when I first created it. (stay tuned for more on that one 😉 )

So, there you go! Those are the big ones that I can think of right now. There are some smaller, more specific ones that I have in mind as well, but those will be written down in the daily planner that I intend on putting together now that I have a printer.

Well, this blog post is nearing about 1000 words so I think I’ll stop here.

What are your goals for the new year?

Until next time!



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