Mascara Q&A!

Good morning lovelies! I thought I would throw in an extra post this week for a little fun. I snagged this awesome questionnaire from Queen of the Girl Geeks , one of my favorite beauty bloggers.



So let’s go. Mascara Q & A time.
How many tubes of mascara do you own? 

Currently, 5. I’m a fan lol

Favorite Mascara?

Oh gosh. Right now, I’d have to say it’s Make Up Forever’s Excessive Lash mascara. Literally the best I’ve ever used.

How long have you been wearing mascara?

Let’s see…I was about 13 when I started wearing it so, that makes roughly 15 years.

Favorite color of mascara?

Blackest black. Like my soul. *evil laugh*

Favorite guy in mascara?

Not really a fan, to be honest.

One coat or two or three?

Two, then a fiber topcoat. I’m all about that giant lash life.

False or Not?

Not. I think they look awesome, but I’m definitely not coordinated enough to get them looking right.


Generally, no. No particular reason, I just never reach for it in the store.



I hope you enjoyed this short Q & A! Feel free to use these questions for your own mascara Q & A.


until next time!



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