Do or Don’t? | Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme

Welcome back everyone! I’m here today to bring you a short review of something interesting I received in my September Ipsy bag!

Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme (trial size)

I’m not gonna lie, I was seriously excited to try this out for two reasons :

  1. Too Faced products are awesome!
  2. Bigger lips without surgery? Sign me up!

Y’all, I was so ready to love this. I really was! So let me tell you what happened and why I don’t exactly love it.

There’s a warning right on the box it comes it that it might tingle for about 5-10 minutes after you apply it. Makes sense, right? It’s gotta work it’s magic somehow. Well, it doesn’t tingle. It BURNS. Now I would’ve been totally cool with the burning, but I wasn’t expecting it! So, if you intend on trying this out, you’ve been warned!

Given the amount and duration of burning, I figured my lips were going to be Kardashian sized, but sadly they weren’t. Proof below.


It did, however, render them a nice shade of red. But that didn’t last too long either.

I will say this! As far as being a gloss goes, it’s great after it stops burning. Very comfortable on the lips. It also smells really good and comes in a cute tube! If you also received this in your Ipsy bag this month, definitely give it a try. It’s fun in a novelty kind of way! BUT!! If you intend on spending the $28 it costs for the full size, I can’t recommend it. In my personal opinion, it’s definitely not worth that much money.

Unfortunately, this is a DON’T in my book. 😦


until next time!

xoxo ♥