Selfie Sunday! | Author Update


Happy Sunday everyone! I thought since I have a ton more followers that maybe every once in awhile I should do a “personal” post so we can all get to know each other a bit better!

I have decided that the kids and I are not getting out of our PJ’s today and we shall have a lazy sunday. My hair, nails, and eyebrows are in desperate need of attention but I just don’t feel like it! Oh well, tomorrow is a new day.

My husband even went to bed early today (he works overnight, so he sleeps during the day). Usually we watch Netflix for awhile and he spends some time with the girls before he retires upstairs to unwind. He barely made it through a whole episode of Supernatural without dozing off. Though I can’t blame him – he hasn’t been feeling well lately, so I’m sure any extra sleep he can get will help.

I have been really into all things lip related lately, and I just watched a swatch/review on the new Urban Decay lip palettes coming out soon, and I can’t wait! They look perfect. AND! I have a $10 coupon that I can use. Score!


So, tell me, what do you guys do on your lazy days?

until next time!


xoxo ♥


A quick Update

I have like 483294832 drafts sitting on the side, waiting to be finished but I think I’ll just write a fresh, quick note for you all.


I have made the decision to take my blog in a new direction. Back when I started blogging I had an entirely different idea about what I was going to do with it and now that I’m in a more clear head space, I’ve finally come to realize how I can use my blog to do what I want to do with it.

I know that’s incredibly vague! I’m still working on all my ideas and figuring out what my next blog post will be about.

So, until then!